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Velouté 2 is a powerful procedural texture builder for Carrara 3D. It contains 18 shaders proposing more than 160 basic functions that can be easily combined to create a huge variety of textures.



Here are some of Velouté specificities:


All of Velouté’s shaders implement their own bump mapping. The results are much more detailed than Carrara’s default implementation. And this is without increasing the general Bump Amplitude parameter. Velouté can also filter any other map to restitute this rich bumping.


vdes_bumpnoise vdes_bumpimg


The Perturbation shader provides a way to alter existing texture maps. Aging, dirt and imperfections can be easily added to any shader.

vdes_gradient vdes_perturbedgradient


Velouté also contains fully customizable 2D (UV) and 3D gradients. The gradient interpolation can be linear or a quadric, giving more control over the bump channel.



Velouté contains a very useful Random Lines shader, both in 2D (UV) and 3D spaces.




Velouté contains 40 different fractal noises, 2D (UV) or 3D, easily editable and customizable with a simple user interface.



Tiling shaders are based on 34 different tile types that can then be tune individually tuned and adjusted.

vdes_greentiling vdes_redtiling



Roofing shaders are based on 6  different shape types that can then be tune individually tuned and adjusted.

vdes_roofing01 vdes_roofing02



Grid shader uses the 34 shapes similar to the one describing the Tile shaders.

vdoc_gridscomplex vdoc_gridsample vdoc_grid2sample



Velouté also countains a Weave shaders with 8 different kind of Weave.




Sample shaders


Velouté already comes with over 30 sample shaders to get started available here for download:


Roof Shaders

Wood Flooring Shaders

2D Materials Shaders

Linoleum Shaders

Grids Shaders

3D Materials Shaders

Walls Shaders





Here are a few quotes from the review of Velouté from the May 2004 issue of webzine, where it was rated 5 stars over 5:


“Velouté is a “must have” and it

goes without saying that once you start

digging through the shader tree and

start to experience the level of

variations/options that can be achieved

are almost endless.”


“With so much to cover, I

could write an entire issue on Velouté



“Though Velouté is ideal for tiling, it can

be used above and beyond just tiling.”


“should have come

with Carrara to begin with”