Buy Shaper (Windows/MacOsX)


Free Form Deformation (FFD) provides a very easy way to create organic shapes.
Once Shaper is installed, you’ll find new modifiers available in the Inagoni category.

The first of the Free Form Deformer uses a free dimension deformation grid: the number of point for each dimension of the grid can be freely set. But the drawback is that this deformer cannot be animated.

The 3 other Free Form Deformers have a pre-set grid dimension and can be animated.

The FFD user interface is very succinct, it contains only few controls:
– Show/hide the deformation grid.
– Save/Load specific settings.
– Set the position of the current selection.
– Set the size of the grid (only for the free size one).

All the edition is done directly in the 3D view by selecting and moving the grid’s points.




Read Shaper review in Carrara 3D Expo issue number 6.