I upgraded Carrara, can I still use the plugins on this new version ?
– Yes, but you’ll need to upgrade the plugins too. The upgrade is always free of charge and the plugin update available on this page.

Can I use the plugins on both Mac and Windows platform with the same serial number ?
– Yes, your serial number is valid for both platform.

Where can I find the latest version of the plugin ?
– You can download the latest version of the plugins from the Download Latest Updates page of the website.

How do I know which version of the plugin I have ?
– There’s currently no build number attached to the plugins, so it’s difficult to know exactly which version a particular one is. But usually the files date can be used to determine if an update available on the website is more recent than the one already installed.

Are there some trial versions of the plugins ?
– Some plugins have a trial version, available from the Download Evaluation Versions page of the website.

I lost the plugin files, how can I recover them ?
– You can download the plugins from the link provided in your purchase email or the Download Latest Updates page of the website.

My plugin rejects the serial number, what can I do ?
– Serial numbers can contain letters and figures that look similar with some font, such as O/0 or I/1. To avoid errors, it is safer to copy/paste the serial number into the dialog box.

The plugin is asking me the serial number every time I start Carrara (on Windows platform)
– This issue was fixed, so updating the plugin should resolve the problem .Another way to fix it is to start Carrara once as an administrator.

I lost my serial number, how can I get it back ?
– If you made your purchase on inagoni.com, just send an email to support with the email address and name used for the purchase.

If you have other question, or plugin improvement suggestions, feel free to email support.