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ArchiTools is an advance building modeler designed for 3D artists. It’s UI has been especially conceived to make it intuitive, easy to learn and fun to use. Just a few clicks are necessary to create a complete building, and this new modeler being fully procedural, all its elements can be tuned and modified at any time during the construction process. The same spirit that prevailed in the conception of Velouté is still present here: ArchiTools offers many advanced modeling tools, but always in a well integrated and easy to use form.

ArchiTools Modeling Room


ArchiTools in Assemble Room

Here are some of the features you’ll find in ArchiTools:

  • Use advanced modeling tools, with an automatic detection of useful alignment and perpendicularities, collision detection when placing or moving doors and windows, and a smart merge tool to quickly draw complex plans.


  • Download a picture as a backdrop to create 3D models based on real blueprints.


  • Model everything in either a plane view or a 3D view. Create windows, doors or balcony with only a few clicks.


  • Automatically construct complex roofs: geometry covering the building underneath or following any kind of plan.


  • Customize the shape of the roof: automatically generated roofs can then be edited, both in plan and in profile.


  • The shading is also semi-automatic. Shading domains and rational UV are automatically assigned to the different elements of the construction. More shading domains can then be created to complete the shading.


  • Display only one floor at a time, either in the modeler or in the Assemble Room, and easily access the inside of the building to place furniture and cameras.


  • Automatically place door, window and stairway models at the right position. Manual tuning is then also possible.


  • Easily duplicate and merge elements to quickly create high buildings.


All the models created with ArchiTools are optimized to use as few polygons as possible, so the geometry handling is almost always light and keeps Carrara running smoothly.

Since the 1.1 version, ArchiTools can free form windows and doors. ArchiTools 1.1 is available from Carrara 4. Find more information here.

Since the 1.2 version, ArchiTools can build circular walls. ArchiTools 1.2 is available from Carrara 6. Find more information here.

Since the 1.3 version, ArchiTools can build walls with crenels. ArchiTools 1.3 is available from Carrara 7. Find more information here.